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Why should I target my PR?

Jan 2, 2018

At McQueenie Mulholland we work with a variety of clients, large and small, from many different industries and sectors. Some clients need to target an audience on their doorstep and others need to reach further afield.

How do we use PR to find those potential customers? When we work with clients we, first of all, identify who they want to talk to. We aim to get under the skin of their business, and we use data to inform all our PR and marketing activity.

Whether you run a shop, a service, a hotel or another kind of business, you’ll have data about your customers. We’ll help you unpick this data, it might show us who is coming to you now and it should give us plenty of insights into your company. Here are some of the areas we might focus on to help us go on to draw up a PR and digital marketing strategy for you:

  • Where your customers come from

  • How they initially found you

  • How old they are

  • The recency and frequency of their interactions with you

  • Their average spend with you.

We’ll then use this information (and more) to draw up your ideal customers and devise ways to help you reach them in a targeted fashion.

And we could just throw lots of stories, advertising and digital posts about you out there, across lots of different channels and hope that something ‘sticks’.

But we advocate a much more efficient and effective way to market your business or service, by identifying how your customers (or potential customers) consume their information. For example, if you were selling a product designed specifically for old aged pensioners there would be little point posting the information on LinkedIn. However, if you were to identify a publication that was read by an older demographic, and target that with PR or advertising you would be able to reach your target audience.

Whatever you’re doing with your PR and marketing, remember to use the data, identify your audience and target the correct channels to reach them!