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Communications – who’s the expert?

Communications – who’s the expert? by Eleanor Yeo  We’re constantly amazed by the number of people in our marketplace who call themselves ‘experts’. Whether it’s marketing, social media, PR, web development, SEO, design … there are a plethora of people who claim...

Blogger….or blagger?

Blogger….or blagger? by Sue McQueenie We recently had a really interesting meeting with a client. We’d arranged for some bloggers, both local to Exeter and from out of the area, to visit their new glamping site as part of the launch publicity. When we said we’d like...

Why use direct mail in the 21st century?

Why use direct mail in the 21st century? by McQueenie Mulholland There has been a seismic shift towards digital in marketing communications over the last few years, and we often find ourselves telling dubious clients that direct mail is still a very good option to...