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The Ethics of Influence

Our team at McQueenie Mulholland has been working with social media influencers for some years now, and this area of work regularly forms part of the strategies we develop for our clients. It’s not particularly new to say that customers are more likely to make...

Why should I target my PR?

At McQueenie Mulholland we work with a variety of clients, large and small, from many different industries and sectors. Some clients need to target an audience on their doorstep and others need to reach further afield. How do we use PR to find those potential...

Top tips to help you stay focussed and plan ahead

At McQueenie Mulholland, one of our areas of expertise is in the tourism, hospitality and food sectors.  It’s an area that members of our team have a lot of experience in, and our clients include hotels, campsites, restaurants, farm shops and wedding venues....