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Show your customers you’re still here!

Mar 24, 2020

1. Keep in touch with your clients regularly.
This is especially important if you’ve had to make any changes about the way that you operate. Reassure them that you are there, and that it’s business as usual as much as it can be.

2. Use all of your communications channels, to tell your clients and followers about any changes.
This includes your website and any social media platforms. Create an easy to find section on your website to explain about the impact of coronavirus on your business and outline any changes to your services here.

3. Have a look online for some of the great, free meeting resources that are available.
If you need to chat to colleagues, suppliers and clients, there are some fantastic ways to do this, including Zoom, Teams, Skype and House Party.

4. If you can, offer flexibility for your clients, your suppliers and your staff.
Remember, everybody is in the same boat.

5. Now is a great opportunity to look at your customer data.
What do you know about them? What do they buy? When do they buy? Can you make any assumptions about them now, and most importantly, are you able to adapt your offering accordingly.

6. Can you partner with other local businesses to deliver your services more effectively?
Would working with others help you to enhance your own offering?

7. Have a think about the news agenda.
Is there anything going on in your business that you think others would benefit from hearing about? Do you have a good news story to tell?

8. If you are able, perhaps offer something for free to your clients or followers, you’ll find that this will encourage loyalty and build engagement in your business or brand. 
Not everything you do right now will bring in money, but by growing your audience and by providing them with useful content, you’re building up a relationship with them which will be invaluable when things return to normal.

9. Whilst things may be difficult for quite some time, remember that it is also a very fast-moving situation at the moment.
If you are able to, hold off on making big decisions about your marketing strategy as things will become much clearer in the weeks to come.

As businesses continue to operate in a constantly changing environment, we will update this information as the situation develops. We recommend that you continue to check this page on a regular basis.