rachel@mcmu.co.uk   //  01392 423 060

    Rachel Brown

    Head of Design

    Specialisms – Print Design, Digital Design, Website Development

    As head of design Rachel leads on all things creative at McQueenie Mulholland, sepcialising in digital and traditional design and has developed creative concepts for websites, email, social media, print and ambient across numerous sectors including: not-for-profit, public, leisure, tourism, and food and drink

    The impact of Rachel’s creativity is significant on the client-base of McQueenie Mulholland.

    Prior to joining McQueenie Mulholland, Rachel attained a BA(hons) degree in Illustration at Hereford College of Arts.

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    Make Social Media Work for you

    Social media, for the most part, is free. But that freedom usually comes at some expense -  constant exposure to adverts, your time, energy, and seedy not-so-nice methods of keeping your eyes glued to the screen for as long as possible. If you’ve recently watched The...

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    Video for your brand

    It can be easy to overlook the reach and impact of video, we scroll through so much content on our devices it can feel like a blur, but a good video can bring that itchy scrolling finger to a halt and bring it over to the share button, and for good reason - video has...

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    Work from home tips

    At McQueenie Mulholland we’ve been working remotely for years - most of our team work from home approximately 50% of the time, and while we all appreciate going into the office, we also all agree that working from home has made us more productive with the time we...

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