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Totus Rehabilitation

A newly launched healthcare provider that required a brand identity, website and key print collateral, such as letterhead, report templates, business cards – this was the brief from Totus Neurorehabilitation.

The challenge of the brief was that the client needed to engage a variety of audiences, including corporates, healthcare professionals and public consumers. The identity had to comfortably speak to each while also, given the nature of the industry, convey professional reassurance and approachability.

The brand concept McQueenie Mulholland created focused on differentiating the client’s four core rehabilitation services with colour and then arranging them in a ringed motif that brought the four services back together.

This design symbolised the holistic approach that the client adopts when designing its highly bespoke rehabilitative care packages for end consumers. The different coloured rings were designed so not to perfectly or neatly align, which symbolises how rehabilitative care can move to cater for many different needs.

Carrying the brand identity through to a website, McQueenie Mulholland created a site where the rings move; again to indicate the changing requirements of rehabilitative care.

As there is often a great deal of complexity involved in designing neurological rehabilitation, it was our recommendation that the website take a minimalist form with only a small amount of information available to the viewer. Our theory for this was that we wanted to keep the client looking reassuringly professional while not overloading readers with too much information and raising too many questions.