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The Project Advisory Group

The Project Advisory Group operates in one of the UK’s fastest developing and evolving markets – digital communications infrastructure.

Providing legal, commercial, financial, technical and procurement services to local authorities and network providers, this client needed a brand identity, website and supporting assets that clearly stated the values they wanted to project in a fiercely competitive industry.


Name recall and recognition was something that mattered a great deal to this client, and so the visual identity was based on a simple but very clear word-mark logo.

Keeping the motif of the word-mark very clean and simple, McQueenie Mulholland recommended a colour palette that gave the brand real stand-out and distinction from the rest of the market. We researched the client’s market thoroughly and found many of its competitors used bluechip colour schemes. We recommended a palette that was more contemporary at the time.

A component of the brand that was key in bringing life and explaining the work of the client was imagery. Rather than use imagery that showed the installation and building of digital infrastructure, which was common across the sector, we selected imagery that showed components of the hardware and how individuals would benefit from this when it is combined.