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Haddleton Knight

Rebranding a highly successful corporate psychologist practice to reflect the warmth and professionalism of its team and philosophy – this was our brief from Haddleton Knight.

The client had a long and prestigious track record in working with some of Europe’s biggest and well known corporations. 

The client felt their current brand no longer matched who they were culturally and this needed a complete redesign.

In discussing the client’s approach and philosophy to their work, it was very clear that people and knowledge were a crucial part of the process.

Our belief was that capturing the people and the knowledge resources of Haddleton Knight was essential to revealing who the client really was. For this we placed photography at the very centre of the brand’s identity, where we captured the client’s working environments, key people and the books they often referenced to clients.

Colour was also key in expressing the warmth of the Haddleton Knight team and its culture. Moving the client away from their core corporate brand blue, McQueenie Mulholland recommended more earthy and natural colours. This gave Haddleton Knight greater approachability, which was something very important given the nature of their work.