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Our Team

McQueenie Mulholland is a team of nine marketing and communication specialists, with a wide range of skills and experience.

We provide clients with the full spectrum of communications services, including traditional channels (PR, press, public affairs, print-based media), digital (social media, SEO, email, pay-per-click advertising, content generation) and brand development (values, messaging, design, strategy).

Friendly, knowledgeable and accountable, the objective of our team is to integrate with clients on their individual terms (not ours) to maximise our combined benefits in delivering highly impactful outcomes across disciplines.

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Let’s work together

Meet your objectives, realise your ambitions – start work with McQueenie Mulholland to define, design, deliver your communications.

Create an identity
that’s distinctive
and memorable.

Grow a valuable digital
following that translates
to genuine leads.

Recruit, retain and
upgrade customers
to your business.

Raise your profile,
get people talking about
you and connect.

Get clarity on your
objectives and build a
plan to pursue them.