Your social media following: A value not volume game
by Rob Mulholland

I was recently asked by someone, “How big is your social media following on Twitter?

“About a thousand”, I replied, which in their opinion was somewhat underwhelming for a communications agency that had been in business for nearly three years.

Whether this is or isn’t the case is debateable, but what’s obvious is that the focus of the person I was talking to was on the volume size of our following and not how valuable our 1000 or so followers are to us.

In most cases, this is a common misinterpretation (particularly Twitter and Instagram) as to what growing a social following is about. Many hold the belief that exposure is exposure and the more of this you get, the more business you’ll surely get. Wrong.

Social media is not a basic popularity competition, size doesn’t always matter with followings.

…think about the objectives of business and how your social media following will bring you closer to achieving this.

McQueenie Mulholland’s philosophy towards developing a following is to build an audience strategy that is not solely broad (in terms of volume) but solely deep in terms of the connections you make with others.  

However tempted you are, we never advocate buying followers to plump up your audience. Beware of this tactic from agencies that claim they can grow your audience exponentially each month – as well as paying dearly for the privilege of recruiting dud followers, you’ll also get little-to-no engagement through your social media channels.

Advice we’d give on this subject, as with all marketing or communications activities, is to think about the objectives of business and how your social media following will bring you closer to achieving this.

For example, if you have a business with ambitions that are purely local then prioritise local followers over those that are half-way around the world. Equally, if your market has common demographic characteristics, then prioritise these people over those that don’t. Both will require you to read biography information, but this is exactly what we’d recommend you do anyway.

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