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Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes…

At McQueenie Mulholland, we’ve always embraced change. We’ve always kept our simple core principles at the forefront of our work, which means that we’re pretty adaptable about most other things. It therefore gives us great excitement to announce that our business...

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Make Social Media Work for you

Social media, for the most part, is free. But that freedom usually comes at some expense -  constant exposure to adverts, your time, energy, and seedy not-so-nice methods of keeping your eyes glued to the screen for as long as possible. If you’ve recently watched The...

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Video for your brand

It can be easy to overlook the reach and impact of video, we scroll through so much content on our devices it can feel like a blur, but a good video can bring that itchy scrolling finger to a halt and bring it over to the share button, and for good reason - video has...

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Work from home tips

At McQueenie Mulholland we’ve been working remotely for years - most of our team work from home approximately 50% of the time, and while we all appreciate going into the office, we also all agree that working from home has made us more productive with the time we...

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Show your customers you’re still here!

1. Keep in touch with your clients regularly. This is especially important if you’ve had to make any changes about the way that you operate. Reassure them that you are there, and that it’s business as usual as much as it can be. 2. Use all of your communications...

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Continuity at a time of crisis – business advice helpline

This week our client Cosmic launched a new helpline for businesses and charities in the South West that are struggling to adapt to remote working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cosmic have been quick to recognise the disruption that the pandemic will surely...

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3 ways to take better mobile photos

Before Messy, not straight, no obvious point of action, dark on the right-hand side, top shows edge of the table and floor.After Tidy, straightened, cropped, point of action from hands, tasteful filter applied - Instagram ready!Taking photos for your company or brand...

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PR in times of crisis

As we wrote in our last blog, PR means different things to different people but one thing’s for sure, it’s about more than just getting your latest product or service into the local media. Managing your company’s reputation should be a constant priority, and it should...

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PR – it’s all about the strategy

Our clients often tell us that, as part of their marketing strategy, they’d like to ‘do’ some PR. This is great and we do often recommend that PR forms part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. We have an experienced in-house PR team who are always itching to...

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How to build a social media community for your business

What is a social media community and why is it important? If you have a business, a strong social media community can be a fantastic marketing tool. A social media community is a group of people, including loyal customers and fans who are interested in, or are even...

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