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Don’t just see the income potential of customers, see the influencer potential too

Aug 25, 2017

Don’t just see the income potential of customers, see the influencer potential too
by Rob Mulholland

Over recent years much has been written about influencer marketing. Particularly how it can enable organisations to reach fresh new audiences, which have the potential to convert into paying customers.

In this context, the discussion around influencer marketing has really centred on digital channels only. However, as a marketing agency that supports localism here in Exeter and in other places, we’ve begun to consider how influencer tactics can translate to channels beyond just digital.

On this, we’ve plenty of ideas. It really boils down to how you drive peer-to-peer recommendations but through very traditional marketing communication techniques – many of which are already second nature to most successful businesses (are the two connected I wonder?).

Really application of this tactic depends on the offer (product or service) of the business and how that’s consumed by customers – think point of sale, customer service, rewards, service customization etc. But the biggest barrier clients appear to have when implementing a more face-to-face influencer methodology, lies in knowing who their top influencers are.

We tell clients to segment their customer data based on value all the time. However effective this may be for maximising income it does very little to push acquisition of new customers.

If, as an alternative, you could identify socially desirable attributes (not just social media) in customers that feasibly meant they were more likely to project your message further, wouldn’t you do it as part of your marketing’s recruitment strategy?

Realising the potential of existing customers, not just in terms of income but in spreading the message of your business in the real-world too – this is something our marketing agency has developed for our clients.

Interested in learning more about how we could put this tactic to work for your business? Contact us for a casual chat.