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Guest Blog : How Air Marketing Group handles telemarketing differently

Mar 27, 2019

At McQueenie Mulholland we been fortunate to build some great relationships with businesses, particularly in Exeter.

One company who we’ve watched grow and flourish over recent years is Air Marketing Group. We know by reputation that Air Marketing Group handles telemarketing different to other companies. Here in this guest blog, they tell us how.

How do Air Marketing Group handle their telemarketing differently?

At the start of the new financial year, many of us take the opportunity to re-evaluate our business processes and sales strategies. With so many new technologies and tools available to help you better your success rate, it’s easy to overlook the traditional telemarketing approach. But did you know that taking this route can play a significant role in increasing new business opportunities and your company ROI?

In fact, today, telemarketing is the fastest growing form of direct marketing and many companies consider it an extremely effective channel, due to its ability to deliver tangible results and raise questions that will help you further understand your brand and your customer.

The set up of a telemarketing campaign encourages you to consider the following:

  • Have I researched my product/service? Do I know how well it will be received by the market?
  • Do I know the competitors?
  • Will the product/service deliver what we say it will?
  • How will I support this telemarketing campaign?
  • Do I have a branded email that can be sent to introduce, nurture or follow-up my calling?
  • Do I have a website that echoes the message we are giving?
  • Have I created a brochure or flyer that can be shared with prospects?
  • Have I considered the sales pitch? Is the sales and telemarketing pitch aligned? Are they both on brand?
  • Will the sales pitch see conversions?
  • Is the data right for use? Do I need to purchase new data?

As a Business Development Partner, Air Marketing Group understands that telemarketing must consider the bigger picture. By understanding what a client’s marketing goal is, we can start to evaluate all of the angles, beyond telemarketing, that could be utilised to support the campaign and that best encourages a response from your target market.

We know telemarketing can help enrich your current marketing strategy. But, what makes working with Air Marketing Group different?

  • We are flexible in our approach and open to working alongside your existing marketing team
  • We pride ourselves on transparency; our client portal allows you to view your campaign in live time, helping us collectively stay on top of what is happening, planning for appointments, understanding objections and client feedback
  • We give you access to our data feedback, this allows you to update CRM systems and instigate actions swiftly, ensuring you’re GDPR compliant
  • You’ll be gaining a team that is incentivised by us, encouraging your campaign team to hit targets and drive results for your business
  • We encourage you to join team training sessions to ensure tone of voice, sales techniques and known objections are aligned across your business
  • You’ll have access to our Quality Assurance Manager; to make you feel at ease we monitor all calls to make sure your brand is being represented in the best possible light
  • Everyone at Air works hard to maintain our client’s investment, on average we deliver a return of £18 for every £1 our clients spend with us.
  • So, if you’re looking to get the best result from your sales and marketing strategy in 2019, why not consider telemarketing as part of your marketing puzzle? 

Having had experience merging our service with those of other marketing agencies, we are confident that multi-touchpoint marketing is the best way to generate quality leads and drive sales that deliver beyond expectation. Are you ready to get behind an approach that will grow your business? 

Opinion piece written by Air Marketing Group – B2B outsource full cycle sales and acquisition campaign specialists.