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Data Analysis

To some extent all businesses generate data, but few ever study it. Through our data analysis you’ll be able to develop highly sophisticated and powerful marketing communications strategies.

For example, looking at basic attributes – such as how often customers buy from you, when they last bought from you and how much they spend with you – we can identify which of your customers is most important and, therefore, how you should priorities your marketing communications budget.

Recruitment channel, creative proposition, geography and seasonality are other data characteristics we can empower businesses in understanding more about.


Like many small businesses, ELK Salon didn't believe it collected any kind of data. We recognised that the business was collecting significant amounts of data about its customers through its till interface and exported this for analysis.

The analysis revealed the media channel that was bringing in most new customers, where they lived and how much they spent – which encouraged ELK Salon to switch the focus of its marketing effort. We were also able to identify the most valuable 50 customers, who were rewarded for their commitment.

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