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Communications – who’s the expert?

Nov 14, 2017

Communications – who’s the expert?
by Eleanor Yeo

 We’re constantly amazed by the number of people in our marketplace who call themselves ‘experts’.

Whether it’s marketing, social media, PR, web development, SEO, design … there are a plethora of people who claim to be the very best in their field, offering everything that your business could possibly need to achieve better sales, more customers, higher spend, wider reach …

Surely this is great? Surely it means that you, the customer, have a multitude of agencies and experts to choose from, who will all offer competitive services at great prices?! Well, yes and no.

Only recently, we came across a large organisation (not based in the south west) claiming expertise in no less than 12 different services, whose homepage was littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. Not the best first impression, but perhaps a symptom of the fast paced culture of business in 2017?

We are very aware of the risk of over-promising and under-delivering. It’s always wise to be open and honest about what you can and can’t provide.

At McQueenie Mulholland, our approach in helping you find new customers is to start with the facts (data or, if lacking, market research) – what do you already know?

We then use the information and data that you already have about your clients, your market and your business, to truly understand where your business is, and, most importantly, who your customer is. After all, how can you try to reach new customers, if you don’t know who your existing ones are, and why they buy from you instead of your competitor’s?

Following this, we work with you to establish where there are opportunities, figure out your aims and objectives and build you a strategy based on techniques, channels and messages to help you engage with your target audience. However, we don’t just stop there though.

We’d set up regular times for reviewing the strategies results, catching up on developments you and we are observing, and so that you know your business is in safe hands. And we’re of course prepared to amend the strategy as your business changes, and as the marketplace develops.

We know that not every customer is going to be right for your business – we specialise in reaching the right consumers and not all consumers. But we firmly believe that by basing your marketing strategy on actual, cold hard facts (data or market research) and combining this together with a carefully thought out message and the most appropriate channels for your target customer, that will enable us to achieve the best results possible.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team about your marketing or communication strategy, contact us today on 01392 423060.  

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