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How to Develop a Successful Communications Strategy for Small, Local Charities

Jan 15, 2018

At McQueenie Mulholland we specialise in marketing and communications for charities, from local to national organisations.

As a small, local charity it is just as vital that you have a successful communications strategy as bigger organisations.

Communicating effectively with your donors helps create strong, lasting relationships and enables conversions from first-time donors into regular givers. But before you start your communications strategy there are some key factors which need to be identified:

  • Target audience – segment into groups to diversify communication needs and wants – think stakeholders, regular donors, new donors…

  • What you want to achieve – do you want to increase the number of monthly donors? Increase the average donation amount?

  • Key communication methods – how do you want to communicate with people? And how often do you want to communicate through each channel?

  • Key messages – Identify the key messages for each audience group that you have identified – different audience groups will want to find out about different things – what key messages are you going to communicate to each?

  • What does success look like? –  It’s important to set out right from the start what success looks like to your organisation.

At McQueenie Mulholland we understand how important a successful communications strategy is and we work closely with our clients to identify exactly what they want to accomplish and develop a plan to help them achieve it. Contact us today to discuss how a communications strategy could benefit your charity.