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Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes…

May 3, 2023

At McQueenie Mulholland, we’ve always embraced change. We’ve always kept our simple core principles at the forefront of our work, which means that we’re pretty adaptable about most other things.

It therefore gives us great excitement to announce that our business model has recently changed a bit too.

We’ve refreshed the way that we work which has resulted in our permanent members of staff now becoming associate directors. They’re as committed as ever to our agency, and most importantly, to our clients, but will now be taking more of a lead in the running of our business, whilst working on their own terms and in their own timeframes.

We decided to adopt this model to give our colleagues the opportunity to continue to grow – something that can be notoriously difficult within small agencies. This is something that feels right, and that we’re all really excited about.

To our clients, our colleagues and our friends, nothing will change. McQueenie Mulholland is and always will be a core group of committed people, doing their best for the clients that they serve.

We love what we do, and are truly excited about what this latest development will do for us.