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Video for your brand

It can be easy to overlook the reach and impact of video, we scroll through so much content on our devices it can feel like a blur, but a good video can bring that itchy scrolling finger to a halt and bring it over to the share button, and for good reason –...

3 ways to take better mobile photos

Before Messy, not straight, no obvious point of action, dark on the right-hand side, top shows edge of the table and floor. After Tidy, straightened, cropped, point of action from hands, tasteful filter applied – Instagram ready! Taking photos for your company...

The Ethics of Influence

Our team at McQueenie Mulholland has been working with social media influencers for some years now, and this area of work regularly forms part of the strategies we develop for our clients. It’s not particularly new to say that customers are more likely to make...