Topsham Adventure Centre

Categories: ​Fundraising // PR
Client sector:​ ​Charity​ / not for profit


Topsham Adventure Centre (TAC) is a community project to build and run a multi-purpose centre for educational, social and leisure activities in Topsham, near Exeter.

The centre will replace the former Scout Hut which was irreparably damaged by storms in 2014. As well as creating a new home for the Sea Scouts, the project is working with local disability charity CEDA, who will use the centre for some daytime and holiday services for children and adults with complex disabilities, and the local community to create a community venue suited to a wide range of activities.

The charity, run by a board of voluntary Trustees, approached us for support with fundraising for the new centre. Plans for the centre were still in the early stages of development but had already received amazing support from the local community and successfully applied for some small grants. TAC approached us for support with identifying and applying for more grant funding.

The Work

We began by carrying out a feasibility study, researching high level funders who could support the project. The research identified a number of potentially significant funders and recommended a timeline for submitting applications.

As the project was still in the early phases of development, we initially focused on smaller and local grants, to develop the project to the stage at which it would be ready to apply for bigger grants.

The charity was keen to celebrate any successes and raise awareness in the local community. The Trustees employed our PR expertise to share their story.


We were successful in being awarded an Awards for All fund which contributed £10,000 towards architect’s fees, construction design and modelling and building control fees.

Due to the PR work undertaken by our team, articles were published online and in a local magazine to target the Topsham audience. TV coverage was secured from BBC Spotlight, with an excellent piece showcasing the need for the new centre.

Watch the coverage on BBC Spotlight

With the funds raised to date, TAC has developed its plans for the new building and is now ready to apply for funds towards building the new centre. We are delighted to be working with TAC on further funding applications for the centre and look forward to sharing further news of the success of this fantastic community-led project.