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Strategy Case Study

The Challenge

Euro-Tech is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. With a factory in the UK and established partnerships with manufacturers in China they serve a global customer base. As part of a long-term business development strategy we were commissioned to work with the management team to help EuroTech communicate more effectively.

The Solution

We began by looking at the ‘values’ and ‘purpose’ at the heart of the business. We wanted to identify what it was about the company that differentiated them from competitors. In a crowded, price-driven market we recognised that the ability to define and deliver a clear message, that captured the ’values’ and ‘purpose’ behind EuroTech, would be a powerful marketing and sales tool.

We spent time with the management team, learning about the company and their approach to doing business. In this way we were able to identify a number of possible approaches to defining the EuroTech ‘message’, each reflecting a different strength. We presented our proposals to the management team, who chose their favourite: “We give our customers the competitive advantage”. This line presents the opportunity for EuroTech to explain how the different aspects of their approach make it possible for them to deliver a competitive advantage to their customers.

With their ‘message’ and brand strategy in place we worked with the marketing manager to communicate that message to customers, through a consistent and distinctive visual identity on print and digital media.

The Imapct

During the development of the visual identity EuroTech had an opportunity to pitch to an existing global client for additional contracts. These contracts would represent a significant increase in revenue to EuroTech. We worked with the management team to prepare the presentation for this pitch. The presentation was built around the concept of delivering competitive advantage, explaining how their approach enabled this and highlighting their track record of achieving it. The presentation was successful for EuroTech. They were awarded new contracts and given Gold level supplier status - one of only six suppliers in the world to achieve this.

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