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Client sector:​ ​Fitness and Wellbeing


Runjoy is a Devon-based company responsible for the management of three mass participation half marathon events, taking place in Exeter, Cheltenham and, new for 2019, Weston-super-Mare.

The client recognised that it did not have the internal capability to fulfill the online community engagement in the lead up to each event, and specifically for the event in Weston-super-Mare(the Weston-super-Half), which was the first of its kind having been cancelled in 2018 due to bad weather. Because it had previously been cancelled, the organisers were especially keen to engage with the runners and supporters and to build a relationship with them, mainly via their Facebook page but also email marketing.

 McQueenie Mulholland was employed on a four-month basis to engage and grow the community via each event’s social media pages, with specific focus on the Weston-super-Half.

The Work

McQueenie Mulholland assigned an Account Manager and Digital Account Manager to this work.

Content needed to be written in advance, that would engage with an online community of both runners and non-runners. Runjoy wanted to be able to support their participants, and enable them to engage with others also taking part. The McQueenie Mulholland team researched topics and themes that would be interesting to both seasoned athletes and new runners, as well as those supporting them.

Content was written two weeks in advance, with emails also going out to the individual race communities each week. All content was signed off by the Runjoy team so that we could ensure accuracy and consistency between events.


By the time the event in Weston-super-Mare took place, there was an active and engaged online community of 2,482 people. The page had 2,587 followers and people viewing the profile page increased during this time by 615%.

The real test was not the number of followers but the people who actually engaged with the posts (either by ‘Liking’ or similar). This increased by 455% in the time that we worked on the account. The work now continues for the other two events, and it is hoped that similar levels of engagement and activity will be achieved.