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Design Case Study

The challenge

Hospiscare is a Devon-based charity that delivers adult end-of-life care across an area of over 700 square miles with a population of 382,000 people. Every year they need to raise over £5 million to care for an average of 2,000 patients and their families. Research highlighted that the need for their services will grow and that they will need to increase their income to meet that need. Hospiscare identified that their brand needed to be reviewed so they could compete with other charities, and attract new supporters.

The solution

At the heart of the new identity is the logo. We worked through a number of options before reaching the chosen design. At each stage of the development the design work was assessed against the feedback gathered through the research activity, to ensure the creative process remained focused. Our proposal was to create a logo that can be adapted for each community that Hospiscare works in, to help reinforce the fact that Hospiscare is a ‘local’ charity. The message beneath the logo can be changed, when appropriate, to include the name of each of the 17 communities where Hospiscare deliver their services.

To support the logo we have established the other elements Hospiscare need to form their visual identity. There is a new typeface, a colour palette, a new strapline, guidelines on the imagery they should use and a design style to bring consistency to all of Hospiscare’s communication material, whether it is print or digital.

The impact

The rebrand had helped Hospiscare to engage supporters and break fundraising records.

“We are delighted with the result, and have received a really positive response from our supporters too! They like the tree. It has a lot more depth to its meaning, people see it in different ways: representing the elements of our care, our roots in the community, the tree of life. It’s fresh and happy. It stands out on the high street.”

– Kate Few-Singh, Director of Income Generation, Hospiscare

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