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Our remit here was to encourage people back into Exeter following the pandemic. We split the audience into over 55s, working groups, and young people, and used strong imagery of popular establishments to appeal to each demographic. We let the images do the talking, and used simple, direct messaging to give a personal feel in the copy. We placed both digital and print advertisements and followed up with a social media campaign which is soon to be implemented. 

Cartridges Law

Having worked with this local business for five years now, we have built up a huge amount of both local, and sector specific knowledge, enabling us to confidently design a new brand identity for the business, and see this rolled out on a new website and all branded materials. 

We have continued to work alongside Cartridges across all our services, including, but not limited to: PR, advertising, video, photography and design.


Exeter Works

This digital campaign is currently (June 2022) being implemented through existing social media channels, encouraging the working community of Exeter to think about their career paths, and to make an appointment to visit Exeter Works. By using local business people, we hope to create a connection with the audience that feels very personal to them. We hope to attract more businesses to become part of this campaign through a targetted LinkedIn campaign encouraging their participation, together with strong messages to the working population encouraging them to book an appointment.